Introducing CoCare™ - Our Signature Line of Medical Cannabis Products

Medical Cannabinoids

We bring botanical drugs to the forefront of modern medicine to treat some of the most costly and hard to treat conditions

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Welcome to My CA Provider

CA Labs is a vertically integrated agricultural pharmaceutical (ag pharm) company developing botanical drugs with high therapeutic potential to reduce the burden of some of the most costly and hard-to-treat conditions.

CoCare™ Cancer Care

The majority of our cancer patients experience results from our complimentary and 1st line regimens. These results are measured in terms of quality of life, reduced tumor burden and reduced negative side effects of conventional therapies.

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CoCare™ Pain Management

Most of our patients find major benefits result from positive effects of specific CBD to THC ratios, dosing, regimen and reduction and or replacement of other drugs. 

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CoCare™ Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are a leading reason people consume cannabis. It helps them relax, release tension and find a little bit of peace in the midst of life. 

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Fluorescently labeled cancer stem cells discovered in patient tumors by CA Labs co-founder Dr. Michael Masterman-Smith