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Medical Cannabinoids

We bring botanical drugs to the forefront of modern medicine

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We produce twenty-four cannabinoid oil products in a farm to patient "Farm Pharm" business model.  Our standardized cannabinoid products allow us to operate a managed care practice to tests for clinical responses in cancer, anxiety, brain injury, epilepsy, pain management and other conditions.  Patients best responses come from finding specific ratios and dosages targeted to the condition, tailored to the individual, and taken as part of a managed care regimen.  Included in our product line we provide ongoing consultation and monitoring.  In totality, the managed care business oversees everything from farm to patient response.

We blend six full spectrum cannabis oils at measured rates into accurately dosed liquid capsules and tinctures.  Each product has a specific ratio of CBD to THC and measured dosages for individual patient needs.  All medicine is clearly labeled and each batch has laboratory tested contents, potency and purity.  Our products have detailed labels and we provide complete instructions on product use.

We work with patients online, by phone and in person to target a dose to their needs and conditions and offer overnight deliver to qualified patients only.

Cancer CoCare™

The majority of our cancer patients experience results from our formulations in terms of quality of life, relief from cancer and reduced negative side effects of conventional therapies.

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CoCare™ Pain Management

The majority of our pain management patients experience positive results from our formulations in terms of quality of life, pain relief and reduction of opioid use.

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CoCare™ Calm

An increasing number of people are finding relief from stress and anxiety with our formulations.

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CoCare™ Neuro

CoCare™ Neuro is a new line of brain health and neuroprotectant products.