I have a California medical marijuana card. What happens on January 1, 2018?

Will medical marijuana users still need a California medical marijuana card in 2018?

If you have a doctor’s recommendation to use cannabis medicine now or after 2018, little will change as far as qualified-patient requirements. However, in 2018 all qualified-producers will be held to medical QC standards that CA Labs and CA Union Cooperative as industry leaders have helped to establish.

Qualified-patients will likely see most licensed dispensaries convert to age 21 and over Adult use. Over time, qualified-patients will also see an increased competency among treating physicians who recommend cannabis. This will occur as primary care physicians come onboard, and as the Medical Marijuana scam doctors become obsolete.

By separating Medical from Adult, the State of California’s regulations greatly advances patient protections and product reliability. Additionally, the State has made Medical cannabis a sales tax exempt purchase, while Cities and Counties are free to tax both Medical and Adult Cannabis producers.

The State is giving qualified-producers a maximum of 1 year to comply with the new production, testing, manufacturing and labeling regulations. Until then untested products will be required to be clearly and conspicuously labeled “Untested Product”.

True medical cannabis patients have a lot to be thankful for. The State regulations were long overdue and we now have many great healthcare advances to look forward to. These advances will be forever founded in the exceptional hard and dangerous work done by the brave and tireless Medical and Adult cannabis advocates in cooperation with the State of California.


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