About Us

The historic rise of medical cannabinoid use may produce botanical breakthroughs to improve the quality, cost and efficacy of healthcare.

CA Labs, Inc. co-founders Patrick Lang and Dr. Michael Masterman-Smith met at an intersection of art & science.

Dr. Masterman-Smith is a pioneering UCLA School of Medicine cancer biologist, neuropharmacologist and drug developer.  His highly cited research and 2003 discovery that malignant cancers are a product of stem cells that become cancerous transformed cancer drug development towards finding drugs that can effectively spare healthy cells and kill these cancer stem cells.  This led to his 2nd groundbreaking 2011 discovery in the Petri dish that cannabinoids may have a negative effect on the most malignant human cancers.

In 2010, Mr. Lang began to research, produce, formulate, test and distribute illness specific cannabinoid oils to patients.  In 2015, what Michael discovered in the Petri dish, Patrick discovered in cancer patients that cannabinoids may have a negative effect on the most malignant human cancers.

Masterman-Smith and Lang operate a vertically integrated “Farm Pharm” business model that delivers farm to patient cannabinoid formulations through a physician managed care network.  The coordinated work between farm, lab, manufacturer, managed care professionals and patients may produce valuable clinical research to identify efficacious uses of cannabinoids.  In 2018, CA Labs is on track to publish data to support an application to the US FDA Botanical Drug Development Program to test cannabinoids as a treatment for cancer.

The synergy of cannabis and pharma combined can safely and efficiently fast track new and effective medical products.  CA Lab’s operates under California law and works with the FDA and DEA to meet federal drug development guidelines.